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Behind the Lens

Welcome! I am Cathy (a.k.a Shutterfairy, Cat, or CJ), the girl behind the lens of Shutterfairy Images.

I decided I was going to start a blog back when I updated my website. Let's just say, that was awhile ago. Life happened and getting this blog up and running fell lower and lower on the list of things to get done.

Then every time I would finish a session, I would think to myself, "Oh! This would be great to put up on the blog!" - Face.palm, what blog? That one I keep putting off? Yeah, that one.

Or rather, this one!

Here I plan on sharing photos from sessions, tips, some behind the scenes, and answer some FAQ's. While this blog is not focused on me, I will share some stuff about me along the way. So let's get the whole about me thing out of the way.

I have always been an artist. Drawing, painting and writing were some of my favorite things to do. I stumbled onto photography in High school when I had taken every other art class there was and needed something new. I actually ended up doing senior pictures for a few classmates my senior year!

Despite always having a camera handy and even photographing two weddings, I didn't think of photography as a business until about 2013. So I upgraded my dslr camera and started offering sessions to friends and family. And the rest they say is history.

My passion turned hobby, turned business has turned out as this. Shutterfairy Images. I only have one son still at home, the other two are blazing their way thru this crazy world and I have to use one of the pets to test out a new lens now. My amazing hubby tolerates my ramblings and even helps make unicorn and fairy props when my imagination runs amok. I believe in magic and magical creatures and love photographing children who still believe in them too.

Besides children, I love photographing High School Seniors, Families, couples, Horses with their humans and the occasional wedding. Of course I get the standard poses that everyone's grandma wants but after those are out of the way, I photograph the real you, your (your family's) story. I like to capture moments for you.

When you look at my images I want you to feel something.

OK. Enough about me. On to my amazing clients!!!

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