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Sedona Surprise Proposal

I've known Kyle and Brandi for years, their whole relationship. I have photographed them multiple times. So when he contacted me and said, "I know it's short notice, but I'm going to propose. Can you take pictures?", I couldn't say no. So over the next couple of days we schemed and plotted how to make it happen. I contacted the unsuspecting future bride and begged her to help me out with updating images on my website. Being the sweetheart that she is, she agreed and we chatted about the style of this session. We opted for a dressier look than normal to change it up from previous shoots. Everything was planned, I loaded a couple of glasses and some champagne into my extra camera bag and headed out to our location.

I directed them through a handful of poses chatting away and watching Kyle alternate between nervous and barely able to contain his excitement. I took my time, finally moving them into position and directing Kyle to snuggle in close and wrap his arms around her. We had pre-determined that this would be his cue and that then I would keep directing Brandi and he would drop back to his knee. All went according to plan and they were just too cute!

After the shock wore off, I pulled out the champagne for a quick celebration and kept my distance and let them enjoy their moment.

We hiked out and stopped for a couple more shots before they headed off for dinner.

Congratulations Brandi & Kyle!!! Thank you for allowing me to capture this moment for you, I feel incredibly blessed.

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