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#Hudsonandwife - an enchanting desert wedding.

Meet Stephen & Alexa Hudson!

This gorgeous couple met while attending NAU and despite being from different worlds (he is from Alaska and she is an Arizona girl), they fell in love. After Stephen graduated, they loaded up the car and began an new adventure together in Alaska. After dating for almost five years, Stephen proposed on the beach in San Diego at sunset. Sigh.... dreamy right? The wedding date was set and the planning began. Somehow, they planned the most enchanting desert wedding from 3600 miles away. So on a gorgeous spring day with clear blue skies and an amazing sunset, these two soulmates met at an altar and proclaimed April 21, 2018 as the day they would become #Hudsonandwife.

There ceremony was filled with tenderness, laughter and even some tears but was beautifully moving. The love and support of everyone in attendance was apparent in the smiles and tears of their guests. Stephen's Uncle Phil officiated and created the perfect 'Cowboy ceremony' that was at the same time heartfelt and sincere.

After Alexa placed the ring on Stephen's finger, she caressed his hand as she spoke 'With this ring...' Such a tender detail that showed the deep emotion she was feeling at that moment.

Sealing their vows with the much awaited kiss, Uncle Phil pronounced them husband and wife!

Photos with siblings and family members during cocktail hour produced more laughter before the celebrating began.

Saguaro Lake Guest Ranch was the perfect venue for this wedding. Trees were draped with lights, flowers and chandeliers and string lights above the tables created a dreamy, ethereal effect.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hudson! It was truly an honor to witness such a beautiful day. May your marriage be filled with love, laughter and adventure for all the days of your lives.

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