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  • Cathy | Photographer | ShutterfairyImages

St Louis Senior Peyton

This gorgeous young lady is Miss Peyton. Fiercely competitive on the soccer field with a kind and caring heart that will serve her well in a nursing career.

Between blending in with the zombies at the graffiti wall to sporting the latest in t-shirt cooling head-wear, Peyton kept us entertained and laughing through the sweltering afternoon.

Just look at those eyes (they are all naturally that gorgeous)! She is blessed with stunning eyes that alternate between being mainly green to mostly blue depending on the environment she is in. Kind of a crystal aqua-peridot mixture the seemed to glow when she was in the shade.

Miss Peyton, it was my supreme pleasure to melt with you and create your senior portraits. You're not only beautiful, smart and funny, your tenacious and driven spirit is refreshing and I can't wait to see what your future holds!

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