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OFTHS Senior, Mackenzie

This gorgeous senior just happens to be my niece, so while I may be a bit biased I still only speak the truth. Let me just say, this girl is impressive!!

Is it just me or does she resemble the actress Emily Blunt? Really, google her if you aren't sure who that is.

Mackenzie is one busy girl! She is a section leader with the O'Fallon Township High School marching Panthers where she plays flute and piccolo. This marching band competes at the top of their division and are invited to perform in parades, half-time shows and other notable events reserved for the elite bands. She and her band mates were invited to perform at the Orange Bowl! Those honors come with a lot of hard work and in addition to her typical HS workload, she spends approximately 20 hours per week rehearsing their innovative programs. Oh... and she also works a part time job and even babysits occasionally after all of that!

Kenzie has decided to follow in her Veteran parents' footsteps and serve her country. She hopes to pursue a career in nursing while serving and traveling the world. She isn't sure she will serve 20 years like her Dad did, but her Mom has shown her first hand it is possible to proudly serve, have a career, see the world and have a family.

I had so much fun with Mackenzie during her session. She is a pure joy to photograph, having natural modeling instincts and as her Aunt, it was really special to get to spend this time with her. Love ya Kenz! I am super proud of you and the compassionate, beautiful, smart and fun young woman you have become. I can't wait to see what adventures your future holds!

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