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Central Square Senior - Tori

The beautiful Miss Tori was the second to last senior session scheduled as part of this summer's photo road trip adventure. We were going to be working with tight timing but had plenty of time to get her session done... until Mother Nature and a propane grill intervened. After feeding the grill (and ourselves) and taking advantage of a tiny break in the rain, we were rewarded with an incredible sky that created fire on the water.

Using up our 7 minutes of no rain, we made a plan to shoot at sunrise (since sunset was already booked by her brother). Now I should be clear, NEITHER of us are morning people yet here we were both committing to getting up while it was still dark to venture out to take pictures. If the reactions to this news by family members is any indication, I think we were both putting on a brave, "I can totally do this" face -while dying inside - for each other!

Bets? Anybody?

Believe it or not we did it. Miss T even did hair and makeup (without coffee). A coffee stop was required, but we made it to the lake in time for sunrise and the pretty morning golden hour.

Morning golden hour is pretty...

After waking up with the ducks at the lake, we went to the high school. A quick outfit change and a few swigs of coffee and Miss T showed me her game face!

MmmHmm....... I dare you. She will take you down! Don't let her pretty smile (below) fool you. She enters the zone when she steps onto the court and that sweet, blue eyed blonde turns into a ferocious Tasmanian devil with a tennis racket!

Not only is Tori a force to be reckoned with on the tennis court, she maintains grades to keep her at the top of her class. She loves kids and has such a gentle, compassionate and giving heart, I can see her succeeding in her chosen path of Physical Therapy or Athletic Training. Her compassion and strength will take her far, I know it!

Horses also hold a special place in her heart. Throughout her life, she has found peace and freedom with these gentle giants. She even earned a ribbon or two in dressage!

Miss T, you are fabulous! Your smile truly lights up the world . Brains, beauty, and a tenacity towards life... you impress me lady. I so enjoyed our time together (even though it did require getting up at o'dark-thirty), and I will cherish the memories we created. Have a fantabulous senior year and enjoy every minute of it!

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