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And Baby Makes Three

I have been honored to photograph this lovely couple's milestones over the past couple of years. I started with their engagement photos, then their wedding and now their maternity session a few weeks before they were to welcome their daughter Ava.

Being that we hadn't done a session in Sedona yet, we opted for the beautiful red rock backdrop for this session. It didn't disappoint, providing a gorgeous glow and pretty vistas for the soon to be parents.

Amanda simply glowed only weeks away from her due date and the love between her and her handsome Logan radiates from deep within. These two are so in love and such a perfect match, it comes through in every image I capture of them.

Logan is quite the musician and has been singing to little Miss Ava throughout the pregnancy. His little girl will have the best lullaby to drift off to sleep to every night!

Miss Ava's mamma is equally spectacular. She has a gentle and giving heart (it's no wonder she chose nursing as her profession), and will be a devoted mother.

With their beautiful session in the camera, we went our separate ways and I awaited news of Miss Ava's arrival. Coincidentally, the afternoon I delivered their gallery.... their little Miss was making her arrival!!! A week early but perfect in every way!

At 7 days old, I got to meet Logan & Amanda's precious little girl for her first photoshoot. While Miss Ava wanted nothing to do with the whole process, we did manage to get a few good shots while laughing about how mamma will tease her when she is a selfie obsessed teen, how she didn't want her picture taken when she was little.

Congratulations Logan & Amanda and welcome Miss Ava!!!!

I can't wait to curate more milestones as your family grows through the years <3

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