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Family in the Aspen Glow

It is a real honor to be asked by fellow photographers to create their first ever family portraits, albeit a little nerve wracking! We not only share a love of photography (and horses), but they also transplanted to AZ from the east. That being said, we share a longing for the vibrant fall colors we enjoyed back there. When choosing the location for their session, we decided to try to catch the fall colors Northern AZ has to offer in the form of glowing groves of Aspen trees.

These aspen groves offer a magic all of their own. What a perfect place for a girl to spin in the glory of fall!

This incredible family has an amazing sense of humor and a fierce love for each other rivaled only by their sense of adventure.

It is really an honor to call such wonderful people friends. Thank you for trusting me to create your family portraits!

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