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The Majestic Raptors of IRFC

Finley - IRFC American Kestrel

The International Raptor and Falconry Center (IRFC) recently contacted me to get some updated photos of some of their birds and themselves for updating their marketing and educational materials and it was an amazing treat to meet and photograph these majestic raptors! This non-profit organization strives to increase awareness, appreciation and recognition of raptors by providing a variety of educational programs to the public.

Michele is the Master Falconer & Raptor Ecologist that founded the International Raptor & Falconry Center. Her passion for raptors fuels her drive to educate as many people as possible to help make this world a better place for all varieties of these apex predators.

From studying to educating, to flying, Michele's connection with her birds is an incredible thing to witness.


This is Finley,

IRFC's American Kestrel.

Don't let the size of the smallest falcon of North America fool you - He is so full of personality (and attitude) you can't help but laugh at his antics.

Finley is a colorful crowd favorite and has traveled extensively to spread word about the dwindling numbers of his kind in the wild.

He has become best buddies with IRFC Youth Ambassador Danae and regularly hunts grasshoppers with her.


Meet Leroy, one of IRFC's two Harris Hawks.

Leroy is five years old and is the newest member of the flying team. This hawk has such a sweet personality and enjoys meeting new people.

He is an experienced hunter and will be busy this fall hunting for rabbits in Northern Arizona.

Leroy is also helping President of IRFC, Rena join the Falconry ranks.

Want to learn more and meet these majestic birds?

Contact IRFC to schedule a Raptor Experience, a presentation or even a Hunting adventure with Finley or Leroy!

I really enjoyed meeting Michele, Finley & Leroy and seeing (and photographing) them in action. We have already planned additional sessions to feature the Hunting Adventure and to shine a spotlight on women in Falconry so stay tuned!

Until then, visit the IRFC website and see/learn more about the flying team!

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