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Why Do You Need Senior Portraits and What is the Big Deal? 

Senior portraits are about celebrating a life stage.


Whether you are graduating from High School, Trade School or College, you have reached a major milestone in your life. You are on the cusp of something amazing - your future. You will never again BE who you are at this moment, never see the world the way you do at this time. Maybe you will be leaving home for the first time, or preparing to move away for school or your career, Whatever your next step is, it's a big one.


So take a breath and take a moment to celebrate the authentic, one of a kind, person that you are and all you have accomplished so far! 


We will use unlimited outfits & accessories, and multiple locations to showcase the facets of who you are, your session is customized to you.  Feel free to bring a parent or friend to help you out and share in the fun.  

I look forward to getting to know you and planning your custom Senior Experience!

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