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St Louis Senior ~ Claire

The beautiful Miss Claire was brave enough to venture out in St. Louis's excessive heat wave with me late this past June. Despite the ridiculous temperatures, we found some urban settings and some lush parks (with shade and water) to serve as backdrops for her portraits.

Claire is one of the most confident and charismatic young women I have had the pleasure of meeting. She can't wait to start her senior year and intends to really soak up all of the 'last moments' this year will present.

She plans on staying close to family for a few years after graduation while attending a local college to study business. That knowledge will come in handy when she combines it with her passion for cooking on her very own food truck! How fun is that!! I can't wait to stop by her truck while I'm out shooting next time I'm in town!

Thank you for being such a good sport in the heat during your session. I had such a good time with you and laughing at swans tying to eat your nails, and trains overhead and bugs attacking just added to the adventure of our time together. <3

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