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Central Square Senior | Brent

Meet Brent, aka Mr. GQ. This young man is impressive on so many levels.

Along with consistently earning a spot in the top of his class on the honor roll, Brent wrestles and has earned the honor of coach where he teaches and mentors young wrestlers during the Central Square wrestling academy.

Besides wrestling and top of his class academics, Brent is also a member of the Good Ole Boys Jr Bassmasters Club. He and a fellow member earned the opportunity to travel to Tennessee and fish Kentucky Lake as part of the National Jr Bassmaster tournament . We had fun incorporating this passion into his session.

Had a bite here but it seems the fish wasn't interested in posing for the camera and retreated to deeper waters.

When I stumbled upon this playground toy the day before, I knew it would have to featured during Brent's session. Despite his seriousness and focus on hall aspects of his life, Brent jumped on and couldn't help but let his goofy side show.

Brent also has a passion for nature and landscape photography where his unique point of view becomes art that most people wouldn't notice. He plans to attend college for Wildlife and Wild-land Conservation and Management where I anticipate his photography to continue to grow and impress his many fans. If he gets his wish, we will be seeing his images in the pages of Nation Geographic where he's documented an adventure. I'm sure it is just a matter of time.

Since Brent is used to being behind the lens, he anticipated not enjoying having his senior portraits done. He admitted at the end of his session that he was surprised, but he had a good time during our session. That was a real feel good moment for me. I had a blast with Brent and enjoyed spending a couple hours with this incredible young man and am proud of the images we created.

Brent, you are truly an amazing young man. You are kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and really an inspiration to those lucky enough to know you. Enjoy your senior year as it will be over in a blur. Your future holds so much promise and adventure ~ I seriously can't wait to see all you accomplish.

Thank you for the honor of curating this moment in your lifeline,

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